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About Dr. Petty

Dr. Trey Petty - Dentist

Dr. Petty has been providing compassionate dental care since 1984. After receiving his BA in Clinical Psychology from UBC, he studied at the University of Alberta, where he earned his BSc. in 1982 and his DDS in 1984. He has practiced in Calgary since 1989; he has served as Head of Dentistry and Oral Medicine at Foothills Medical Cen tre; as Regional Division Chief, Dentistry and Oral Medicine for the Calgary Health Region and Tom Baker Cancer Centre; and has led his own private practice at Holy Cross Hospital Centre since 2006.

His dental career is distinguished by his passion: for education, for service, and for client care. Dr. Petty’s work to advance the profession mirrors the care he brings to his practice. He has served on several committees and boards both professionally and in the community, and has published numerous studies and articles. Dr. Petty’s dedication has been recognized with awards from the Canadian Dental Association, University of Alberta, and Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

Dr. Petty makes his home in Calgary, with his wife and two children. His favourite architect is Frank Lloyd Wright. He also has a favourite author: Jonathan Franzen. And even a favourite playwright: Aaron Sorkin. He enjoys classical music, jazz, and anything by Peter Gabriel.


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